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Pre-Teen Nights

for youth in Gr 4-6

​We have different activities every Friday nights for pre-teens.  One week we meet in person.  The next week we have an activity online.  We ask that youth register for the nights they want to participate so we make sure to have enough supplies.

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for youth age 12-17

Our Drop-In is a fun place for youth to hang out with friends and meet new people.  Participants help decide what to do for the evening.  It can be structured or it may be just night to relax and chat.  



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Kids in the Kitchen

​for youth age 9 - 17


Youth can learn or expand their cooking skills in the comfort of their own kitchen, with our online cooking classes.  We provide ingredients and the instruction.

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Smiling Teen Boy

Youth Advisors

​for youth age 12-17


YOMA is designed to meet the needs and interests of youth.  Who better to tell us what to offer than....local youth!!  Join us as a Youth Advisor to help make YOMA the best it can be.  

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Dungeons & Dragons

​for youth age 10 - 17


Made extra popular again by Stranger Things, YOMA is bringing D&D to the community for those who want to give it a try or want to join a campaign.

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Mother and Son

Parent/Caregiver Support Group

Third Thursday every month


This is for parents who have children or youth age 0-25 with mental wellness challenges.

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Kids Playing Tug of War
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